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My name is Arati Warrier and I'm Mr. Susman's UTeach intern for the Spring 2016 semester! I'm a fourth year English and Asian American Studies major at UT, Austin getting ready to graduate in December of 2016. Hopefully, I'll be able to teach my very own English class somewhere in Austin shortly after!

I've been teaching in numerous capacities (whether in dance class or tutoring). After all these years, I'm so excited to teach a subject about which I'm so passionate. 

When I'm not in Mr. Susman's room, I'm usually dancing, reading, or writing poetry (teaching a creative writing class is definitely a future goal!). I currently live in student co-op with my cat, Stella.


CT (Cooperating Teacher): Micah Susman

Days/times on campus: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30-10:30am